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BgTextiles has been developed by ItalianModa.com, the Italian company that designed and runs ItalianModa, the internationally-acclaimed Marketplace of Italian Textiles & Fashion Manufacturers and Fashion.bg Ltd., owner of the Bulgarian Fashion Portals Bgfashion.net and Fashion.bg


Fashion.bg Ltd.
43 Pliska Str., Vida blockhouse-D
7004 Rousse

Phone: +359 98 272 161
Fax :    +359-82-844-048

E-Mail: info@bgtextiles.com

BgTextiles.com is a B2B Marketplace combining the best of both extensive fashion and textile experience together with solid Internet Marketing skills and E-Business experience applied to the Fashion and Textile industry.

Its main headquarters are located in Rousse, Bulgaria, while Strategic Marketing is managed from the ItalianModa.com's headquarters in Como, Italy, with the support of Fashion.bg Ltd. Como is one of the largest Textile Districts in all over the world, and a well-known world center for quality Fabrics and Fashion Accessories.

Our team is fully committed to the development and maintanance of the BgTextiles Marketplace, including professional consulting services offered to international Fashion or Textile Companies. A side mission involves the offer of advanced WEB-based Marketing, Promotional and Advertising campaigns, finely tuned for any Textile or Fashion company, in Bulgaria and abroad.

A Word from the BgTextiles Founders

Maurizio Verga, President of ItalianModa.com

Silvia Todorova - BgTextiles Manager

Maurizio Verga - ItalianModa.com President & Founder

Over three years ago I started using the Internet and created a small site presenting several Bulgarian apparel manufacturers. Step by step the site grew steadily and became the biggest site about Bulgarian fashion. It has a Bulgarian (Fashion.bg) and an English version (Bgfashion.net).

These sites offer information about over 350 Bulgarian companies: manufacturers, distributors, as well as designers of apparel, textiles, perfumery and cosmetics, accessories, and everything else related to fashion.

You may find fashion news and articles, trends, information about coming events: reviews, shows, exhibitions, and trade fairs.

In our work we have always tried to learn from the experience of the best, partnering with foreign fashion sites in order to present Bulgarian fashion to the world in the best way possible.

Together with ItalianModa.com we decided to develop another challenging venture: BgTextiles.com! This is a fully-featured professional B2B Marketplace powered by the Experience and the Business Tools designed by ItalianModa.com for other successful Marketplaces.

BgTextiles is a terrific tool for all the international companies and buyers willing to find, get in touch, and do business with Bulgarian Manufacturers. A fast, easy-to-use, simple, and reliable tool to help you have the most effective experience with business in Bulgaria.

In a nutshell, BgTextiles is the first real Internet Marketplace for the Business Development of the Bulgarian Textiles & Fashion Industry!

Welcome to the BgTextiles Marketplace, a whole new concept of doing business with the Bulgarian Fashion and Textile industries through the extraordinary phenomenon we now know as the "Internet".

I always had glimpses of a vision: a way to connect fashion and textile professionals, empowering them to work together, doing successful business quickly, with no geographical barriers, while creating reciprocal profitability. Then the vision became clear, and it was birthed.

I gave it a name: ItalianModa. A wondrous place where small retailers, along with large corporations, have equal opportunities to do highly profitable business with Italian suppliers of fashion and textile merchandise. A one-stop marketplace, so to speak, where a company can instantly find products and suppliers, establish commercial accounts, place orders, get surplus products at liquidation prices and much more ..... all FREE!

I have invested the past seventeen years of my life developing advanced computer technology to textile and fashion companies. Now, you can take advantage of this amazing technology.

Now, I am very excited to help international Textile and Fashion Buyers to take advantage of the same vision and advanced tools to find and establish Business relationships with Bulgarian companies. Our experience in ItalianModa has been and still is extremely positive and it has been acclaimed by hundreds of thousands of professionals, newspapers, magazines, and universities all around the world. We are very confident BgTextiles will help your Business as well!

On behalf of the entire staff of BgTextiles.com, ItalianModa.com and myself, we wish you much success in all your business endeavors, and hope BgTextiles can help change your dreams to reality as I have seen mine.